#UR6 2nd Primary Upper Molar Stainless Steel Crowns Refill Pk/5

2nd Primary Upper Molar Stainless Steel Crowns (DSC)

  • DSC Stainless Steel Crowns are an effective and economical method for restoring occlusion in badly decayed or fractured teeth.
  • Broad based shallow anatomy permits complete compatibility with opposing teeth while allowing minimal tooth reduction to preserve as much of the natural tooth strength as possible.  DSC Crowns also are pretrimmed to optimum length and contour.
  • The widest selection of sizes to cover all requirements, 178 different sizes in all.  The sizes available consist of 12 Central Anteriors, 12 Lateral Anteriors, 12 Cuspids, 30 First Permanent Bicuspids, 14 Second Permanent Bicuspids, 28 First Primary Molar, 28 Secondary Primary Molar, 28 First Permanent Molar and 14 Second Permanent Molar.

MPN #3-6220
Weight:0.25 lbs.