STEAMPlus Sterilization Integrator Pk/1000

STEAMPlus Sterilization Integrator (SPS Medical)

STEAMPlus Type 5 Integrators

  • For use in steam sterilizers
  • Enhance sterility assurance protocol by monitoring every sterilization cycle
  • Provides a definitive pass or fail result allowing for release of all non-implant loads before results of spore strip test are received
  • FDA cleared as an equivalent in performance to a biological indicator, and offers the highest level of sterility assurance from a chemical indicator but as it does not contain live organisms to prove lethanlity does NOT replace the routine use/recommendations of biological monitoring

STEAMPlus Tray Record Card - When immediate use sterilization is unavoidable, utilize the Tray Record Card for documenting the sterilization cycle with patient traceability.

  • The immediate readout STEAMPlus™ Sterilization Integrator is attached to a 3” x 5” card which allows for cycle parameters, load number and patient name to be recorded and kept as a permanent record.
  • Release non implant loads immediately with peace of mind that parameters for sterilization have been met and maintain this card as a physical record of the sterilization cycle.

The STEAMPlus™ Sterilizer Test Pack has a STEAMPlus Sterilization Integrator inside a challenge pack for immediate load release of non implant gravity and prevacuum sterilization cycles.

  • This product tests to ensure all parameters for sterilization have been met, and is FDA cleared as equivalent in performance to an AAMI BI Test Pack (PCD).
  • For the highest level of sterility assurance, a STEAMPlus™ Sterilizer Test Pack should be run in every load.
  • Loads containing implantable devices should include a BI Test Pack such as the SporViewPlus™

MPN #SSI-1000
Weight:5.00 lbs.


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