Sil-Air Compressor: Head-3, HP-3x1/2, Tank-13 Gal, 6.45 CFM Free Air - 50% Duty Cycle, Op-Pressure-84-114psi, dBA-40, Voltage-220 V-60

Sil-Air Compressors (SilentAire)

Sil Air compressors are virtually "noiseless" and are totally automatic. Each unit includes a tank and line pressure gauge, line pressure regulator, moisture trap-filter-gauge, safety valve, air intake filter, and a carrying handle or easy rolling for models with wheels.

Sil-Air models feature one or more heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower "AL" pumps featuring cooling fins, built-in fans, coalescent filter (for removal of traces of oil in the air tank), painted tank interior (inhibits rust) for extreme reliability and durability.

These products apply for special crating and truck shipping. Please call for complete quote.

MPN #150-50
Weight:99.99 lbs.