Sil-Air Compressor: Head-1, HP-1/2, Tank-6 Gal, 2.15 CFM Free Air - 50% Duty Cycle, Op-Pressure-84-114psi, dBA-40, Voltage-110 V-60

Sil-Air Compressors (SilentAire)

Sil Air compressors are virtually "noiseless" and are totally automatic. Each unit includes a tank and line pressure gauge, line pressure regulator, moisture trap-filter-gauge, safety valve, air intake filter, and a carrying handle or easy rolling for models with wheels. Sil-Air models feature one or more heavy-duty 1/2 horsepower "AL" pumps featuring cooling fins, built-in fans, coalescent filter (for removal of traces of oil in the air tank), painted tank interior (inhibits rust) for extreme reliability and durability.

MPN #50-24
Weight:68.00 lbs.