Jet Set 4 Denture Repair 454 g Powder P1

Jet Set 4™ Denture Repair (Lang)

Self curing acrylic resin that sets in 4 minutes for temporary crowns and bridges. Powder: F2 and P1

Jet Set-4™ Features:

  • Self-curing
  • 2 Min. Work Time / 4 Min. Set Time
  • Superior Tensile & Flexural Strength
  • No Significant Oxygen Inhibited Layer
  • Methyl Methacrylate System
  • Wide range of color options
  • Remains color stable for long-term aesthetic integrity
  • Improves chair-time efficiency
  • Provides a durable temporary for greater patient satisfaction and comfort
  • Minimizes repair time without additional surface preparations
  • Allows easy trimming and adjustments
  • Matches the patient’s shade perfectly for greater acceptance

MPN #4730-P1
Weight:1.50 lbs.