Flexacryl Soft Professional Package (100g powder/118ml liquid) - Fibred Pink

Flexacryl Soft (Lang)

A softer, more comfortable reline for the patient. Ethyl methacrylate acrylic resin gives a long lasting, non-irritating chairside reline in less than 30 minutes. Langs most durable soft reline.

  • Formula is bland and produces less heat (will not sting or burn patientís tissue) 
  • Plasticized to remain resilient in a patientís mouth for 9-12 months 
  • Available in Clear, Fibred Pink, Pink

3.8L Liquid & 6-lb Package (2.7kg powder/946mL liquid) available for Special Order. Call 866.697.7744 for Pricing

MPN #1123-Fibred Pink
Weight:1.00 lbs.