Excel Ultra-Hi Formula Powder Only, Veined, 12 Kilo (26.4 lbs.) Container

Excel Formula® Ultra-Hi (Heat Cure) Denture Base Material (St. George Tech, Inc)

  • A High Impact heat cure acrylic resin that exudes quality and gives the technician confidence
  • Short or long curing methods gives the technician freedom to adapt to his system
  • Superior flexural strength gives patients the assurance of quality and satisfaction.
Move up to the platinum standard, and use the Excel Formula® Ultra-Hi heat cured denture base resin today! This High Impact heat cured resin combines high impact strength along with exceptional flexural strength. So whether your patient is a vigorous chewer or constantly drops the denture, this heat cure acrylic resin is going to withstand the test of time and at the same time it looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.

MPN #40231
Weight:30.00 lbs.