Brilliant EverGlow Tips Refill A4/C4, 20 x 0.2g

Brilliant EverGlow Tips (Coltene)

The glow of the art.

BRILLIANT EverGlow is a stackable Universal Submicron Hybrid Composite that allows for high aesthetic restorations with a reduced spectrum of shades. It is a true all-round material which fully meets highest requirements for anterior and posterior restorations, offering simple handling, excellent blend-in properties and long-lasting brilliance.

Features at a glance:

  • Exceptional Polishability 
  • Long-lasting brilliance 
  • Aesthetic single-shade restorations 
  • Smooth consistency 
  • Good wettability on the tooth surface for effortless adaptation and modelling 
  • BRILLIANT EverGlow contains antibacterial zinc oxide


BRILLIANT EverGlow is applied in the 2 mm increment technique and is indicated for:

  • Direct restorations of all cavity classes 
  • Luting and repair of composite and ceramic restorations

Brilliant EverGlow is a submicron hybrid composite of the latest generation.

The average particle size of the dental glass filler has been reduced to below 1 micron to achieve maximum ease of polishability and gloss retention. This was also accomplished by the composition of the pre-polymerised fillers corresponding to the composition of the composite itself. Further, the fillers’ anchoring has been further optimised to prevent plucking. The formulation has been adjusted without compromising neither the good handling characteristics of the composite paste nor the mechanical strength of the cured composite.

System Kit Tips (60 tips, 0.2 g each + accessory) - 8 × A1/B1, A2/B2, A3/D3, A3.5/B3, Translucent (Trans), 5 × Bleach (BL), C2/C3, A4/C4, Bleach Translucent (BL Trans) (MPN 60019723)

Starter Kit Tips (32 tips, 0.2 g each + accessory) - 8 × A1/B1, A2/B2, A3/D3, 8 x Bleach Translucent (BL Trans) (MPN 60019733)

MPN #60019717
Weight:0.25 lbs.