Zoe Plus Accelerator (25g) & Base (45g)

ZOE PLUS Temporary Cement (Temrex)

Ideal for temporary cementation while providing soothing protection and healthy renewal of dentin and pulp.

  • Soothing — sedative properties of Zinc Oxide/ Eugenol
  • Reliable — maintains marginal seal while holding the restoration
  • Dependable — excellent flow for easy and complete seating
  • Sufficiently insoluble to retain crowns, bridges and inlays for extended periods
  • Buffered, in order to be more compatible with plastic and composite restorations
  • Tough enough to withstand the forces of mastication, yet permits easy removal when desired
  • Reduces thermal sensitivity
  • Minimal solubilitv in oral fluids

MPN #550
Weight:0.20 lbs.