Ultra Clean Oilless Compressor 4 Users, Air Dryer, 1HP, 10 Tank Gallons, 208V (230V Option Available)

Ultra Clean Oilless Compressor (TechWest)

Tech West’s Ultra Clean Oil-less Compressor supplies 100% oil-free air to the dental office environment. Tech West guarantees the clean, dry air you expect from a high performance drying system.

Through its smooth, vibration-free running at 72 DB, the Ultra Clean air compressor prevents the expensive and inconvenient need for a sound cover. All oil-less Tech West compressors are equipped with energy efficient heads, large cooling fans and Teflon-coated pistons and cylinders that provide years of dependable service.

The Ultra Clean features moisture indicators, epoxy-coated tanks and rubber-leveling feet, along with handles for easy lifting and installation. The Tech West Ultra Clean Oilless compressor is offered in a variety of configurations from a single unit to dual or triple units. Tech West provides an extensive warranty program, as well as, upon request, full plumbing and electrical assistance.


  • Redesigned Air Dryer makes the unit more compact and reliable.
  • American made electrical motor with capacitor start and run windings.
  • Motor will start under full compressor load with a voltage range of 208/248. No Italian or European motor can.
  • One handle dryer shutdown.
  • Moisture indicators on the outlet air line.
  • Integrated carrying handles on the tank

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Weight:99.99 lbs.


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