TTcare NSK Service Adapter

TT Care System (Medidenta)

TTcare 100+ is an easy to use automatic lubrication unit that will save your office time and extend the life of your handpieces. It  was designed in response to Dentists’ requests. Its user friendly interface simplifies the process of cleaning handpieces. It takes just 15 seconds to clean and lubricate each handpiece, and less than a minute for 3 at a time.

In order to improve user experience, the TTcare 100+ includes these exceptional details: LCD Screen, simply disassembled front door, exclusive chuck care system, easy spray can insertion and replacement, and an air driven motor design to highlight its functionality and features. 

  • Complete Internal Cleaning, Lubricating & Purging. For simple, proper care of up to 3 handpieces
  • Unique Built-In E-Type Motor Turns Gears on Attachments. For superior maintenance of all moving parts
  • Autochuck Maintenance Station. Extends bur retention performance
  • Most Affordable Maintenance System on the Market. Uses economical, easily replaceable spray cans
  • Active Internal Oil Suction. Pulls excess oil directly onto absorption pad
  • Unit Designed for Easy Clean-Up. With easily removable internal tray, door & absorption pads
  • Rapid Purge Feature. Thoroughly eliminates debris & excess lubricant from handpieces
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Automatically cleans and maintains up to 3 handpieces
  • Unique chuck care system
  • Optimal lubricant coverage throughout the handpiece
  • compressed-air connection: excess lubricant purging with special suction design
  • Automated reproducable quality of care
  • easy spray can insertion and replacement
  • Can coupling with unique safety valve
  • Oil collection drawer for excess lubricant
  • LCD screen display
  • Quickly disassemble the front door and plain surface for a simplified cleaning process.  


  • Optimizing the overall lubrication: The active-lube system evenly distributes the lubricants to the inside of all components to lubricate contra-angle handpieces.
  • Reliability and Flexibility: Driving motor uses the belt to drive the operation smoothly, which allows the machine to be quiet, stable, and vibration-free. The driven ports could be optionally increased or decreased based on need (for contra angles only)


  • 1x TTcare 100+ Unit
  • 1x can of TT Lube Spray
  • 1x E-Type Adapter
  • 2x 4-Hole Adapter
  • 1x Chuck Care Adapter
  • 1x Oil Tray
  • 6x Oil Tray Liners


  • Dimensions (mm): W-295 X D-295 X H-385
  • Weight: 9kg ( 19.85lbs)
  • Electrical ratings: 100- 230V, 50-60Hz, 60W
  • Ambient Temperature: 5°-40°C ( 41°- 104° F)
  • Sound Level: <60 (65) dB (A)
  • Relative Humidity: max. 85%
  • Compressed Air: 4-6 bar (58- 87 ps)
  • Air Consumption: 40NL/ min
  • Compressed Air Quality:
  • Residual Oil Content: max. 1μm; max. 1mg/ m³ 
  • Residual Water: max. 0.1g/ m³ at -40°C (-40°F)

Weight:0.50 lbs.


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