TruRepair Powder Only VEIN 6oz. (170g)

TruRepair (Bosworth)

TruRepair® – A must for every office!

TruRepair is a fast-bonding acrylic repair material for repairing fractured dentures, dislodged denture teeth, and any additional office or lab emergency. A special internally-pigmented spherical globe of powder will blend with denture base materials to produce a color-stable match. TruRepair®’s self-curing cross-linked monomer and a PMMA powder system produces a high-strength repair and bond.

Powder is available in pink, vein, and clear.

Standard Kit contains:
– 3 oz. (85g) Pink Powder
– 3 oz. (85g) Vein Powder
– 4 oz. (119ml) Liquid

Mixing ratio: 2-3 parts powder to 1 part liquid.

In many cases, a matrix will be needed.The use of the Bosworth Pressure Pot will increase the strength and the performance of the repair.

Compatible to TruByte Denture Repair (Dentsply)

*Hazardus Material UPS Charge

MPN #092162
Weight:1.00 lbs.


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