TrollFoil Red Articulation Foil on a Frame, Pk/500

TrollFoil Articulating Foil (TrollDental)

TrollFoil can be used under a wide variety of clinical situations including wet or dry teeth, limited opening, limited vestibular space, gaggers, and metal and non-metalic restorations.

You are able to verify occlusal contacts for both arches from one tooth to an entire quadrant using the mini or the original quadrant size.

The double-sided foil is only 8 microns thick, and it has no problem marking wet surfaces, dry surfaces or highly polished surfaces such as cast gold or BruxZir.

  • Mounted in its own frame, no forceps needed
  • Manufactured from the thinnest foil on the market – 8 microns
  • Inked on both sides
  • Frames measure 3" x ¾"

MPN #12000600
Weight:1.00 lbs.


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