Temrex Multi-Purpose Temporary Cement Powder White 1lb

Multi-Purpose Temporary Cement (Temrex)


  • A base under amalgam, silicate and gold inlays
  • Temporary retaining crowns and bridges
  • Sedation of deep sensitive cavities and crown preparations
  • Temporary cementation of long span permanent bridges on abutment preparations with short or inadequate retention form

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong: 4100psi compressive strength
  • Protective: inhibits microbial growth and minimizes microleakage
  • Soothing: sedates and heals injured pulp in crown and cavity preps
  • Retentive: the most scientifically tested and documented temporary cement
  • Efficient: sets hard rapidly, so it can be used as a base under amalgams

MPN #350
Weight:1.50 lbs.