Superbite Standard Kit

Superbite (Bosworth)

Superbite™ - Zinc Oxide Eugenol Bite Registration Paste Superbite™ is a traditional zinc oxide eugenol paste that combines controlled flowability and non-sagging body to enable unexcelled reproduction of the oral tissues that supports a denture, registration of centric, and accurate seating of the casts for articulation. Superbite paste is a blue, two-component material, with a 1 minute in the mouth setting time. The absence of secondary flow and resistance to closure will enhance patient comfort. Standard Kit contains: 1 - 7.5 oz. (212g) Tube Base 1 - 3.25 oz. (92g) Tube Catalyst

Case holds 13 Standard Kits

MPN #0921815
Weight:0.70 lbs.


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