seT PP Intra-Oral Tips (to be used in conjunction with seT PP Mixing Tips Wide), Pk/10

seT PP (SDI)

Self etching, self adhesive resin cement. seT is an all in one luting cement. It etches, bonds and fills with just the one component. Simply apply seT and seat your prosthesis. It does not require separate etching and washing. The smear layer remains intact to protect the tooth. This dramatically reduces, if not eliminates post-operative sensitivity. Dual cure - seT is light cured, and self cured. The material hardens in 5 minutes by itself, or just 20 seconds with the aid of a curing light.

seT PP automix syringe refill

  • 2 seT PP 7g automix syringes
  • 28 automix syringe mixing tips
seT PP assorted automix syringe kit
  • 1 each of A1, A2, OA3, white opaque and translucent
  • 7g seT PP automix syringes
  • 70 automix syringe mixing tips

seT PP automix syringe mixing tips

  • 50 automix syringe mixing tips

Compares to RelyX Unicem, G-Cem (GC America)

MPN #8810005
Weight:0.25 lbs.


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