Sani-Tab Chain Free Polyback - 3 Ply Tissue with Poly - 19" x 13" (with Adhesive Tabs), 400/cs White

Sani-Tab Chain Free Polyback 3 Ply (Crosstex)

Dental bib clips and chains have been shown to pick up dangerous microorganisms from skin, saliva and plaque, presenting a potential source of cross-contamination in the dental operatory. Reduce the risk with Sani-Tab—the only chain-free patient towel with patented adhesive tabs eliminating the need for bib chains and clips. Sani-Tab maximizes infection control and patient comfort while saving time and money!

  • Easy to use – simply position towel anywhere on the patient and apply pressure to the tab.
  • Bib stays where placed to maximize coverage, unlike bib clips and other disposable towel holders.
  • Can be placed high on patient to protect clothing
  • Size 19"x13"/48x33 cm
  • Crosstex Fold
  • Embossing Pattern Horizontal

Weight:12.00 lbs.