RADII Plus - LED cordless curing light (SDI)

Not just a powerful LED curing light.

Curing? Whitening? Transilluminating? The Radii Plus does it all. The amazing transformation takes place with a simple pull and click of the LED attachment. It’s unique, easy to upgrade design, provides unlimited potential making it the best investment you will ever make!

High intensity - 1,500mW/cm2

The higher the intensity, the more the light penetrates to efficiently cure the restorative.

Simple to replace parts

Designed with snap-in or screw in connections, each part of the Radii Plus including the battery is easy to remove and replace.

Radii Plus brings a new standard to LED curing lights. With an extremely high intensity of 1500 mW/cm2, the choice of attachment tips & an ergonomic & lightweight design, your wishes have been granted.

  • 360 Degree turning tip. 
  • Cordless, slimline design. 
  • Lightweight 6.2 oz/177g. 
  • Choice of 'ramp' or 'no ramp' mode. 
  • 1200 ten second cures before needing to be recharged. 
  • Built-in radiometer 
  • No noisy fan 
  • 6mm depth of cure. 

Compare to Dentsply:

  • Smart Light IQ LED 
  • Smart Light IQ 2 LED 
  • QHL 75 Curing Unit 
  • Spectrum 800 Curing Unit

MPN #5600123
Weight:1.00 lbs.


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