Pola Day CP 35% (50 x 1.3g Syringe Bulk Kit)

Pola Day CP 35% Take-Home Tooth Whitening System (SDI)

Super fast take home
Pola Day CP can be given to the patient to take home and apply to their trays themselves. From just 15 minutes, once or twice per day, patients will see changes immediately.

Or as a jump start
Apply Pola Day CP to the patient’s trays the same way a take home system is applied. They can wear it for 30 minutes in the waiting room before they go home. Most patients see their teeth change 3 or 4 shades. After seeing the results from this quick session, patients begin to see just how effective tooth whitening can be, before they start their at home treatment.

A patient requesting whiter teeth wants to see a result when they walk out of the dental office. Promoting a take home system, such as Pola Day or Pola Night, means they carry out the procedure themselves at home. Get them excited about bleaching by giving them a “jump start” with Pola Day CP.

Pola Day CP has the same advantages as those listed
with Pola Day and Pola Night:

  • Fluoride releasing
  • Desensitising agents
  • Neutral pH
  • Natural soother and conditioner
  • High water content
  • High molecular weight thickener
  • High viscosity
  • Pleasant taste

MPN #7700325
Weight:3.00 lbs.


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