PlastoPaste Standard Kit

PlastoPaste (Bosworth)

Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste (Light Body) Plastopaste™ is a zinc oxide eugenol paste used for preliminary compound impressions, mucostatic impressions, corrective washes, rebasing dentures, and denture relines. Plastopaste™ easily mixes in 30 seconds to a consistent, extra creamy mixture, and sets hard in 90 seconds without distortion. Non-sticky, wipes easily from patient's face and hands, and can be repositioned without any visible cracks or lines. This formula has a pleasant taste and causes no eugenol burn.

Standard Kit contains: 1 - 7.5oz. (212g) Tube Base 1 - 3.25oz. (92g) Tube Catalyst

MPN #0921590
Weight:0.75 lbs.


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