Permanent Resin Cement Self Adhesive 7ml Automix Syringe & 6 Mixing Tips

Permanent Resin Cement Self Adhesive (MARK3)

MARK3 Resin Cement is a reinforced, self-curing, self-adhesive, multi-purpose permanent cement for final cementation of crowns, bridges, veneers, implant prostheses, pins, and posts.

  • It is insoluble in oral fluids, making it ideal permanent cement.
  • Its physical properties and handling characteristics have been optimized for providing adequate working time, ease of placement and cleaning, and reliable performance.
  • Its bond strength to dentin and metals prevent marginal leakage and loss of retention.
  • Biocompatibility minimizes post-operative discomfort.
  • The resin cement features a unique two-stage curing mechanism. In the first stage, the material achieves a consistency hard enough to hold the restoration in place, while providing an additional 60-80 seconds for easy removal of the excess.
  • Final set will occur in approximately two minutes after the material is placed in the mouth.

MPN #5380
Weight:0.50 lbs.


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