Owandy I-Max Touch Digital Panoramic X-Ray "CEPH upgrade ready"

I-Max Touch Extraoral Digital Panoramic X-Ray (Owandy)

Fast, simply and upgradable!

-Integrated touch screen for immediate image display. Software ergonomics specially desgined for intuitive, touch-screen access to functions. Program examinations via the graphic interface and watch image aquisition in real time.

-HD images. The CCD sensor generates high-contrast HD images that allow the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis within seconds.

-Complete programs. 14 programs available in panoramic mode, including standard, hemi-panoramic, bitewing, sinus & ATM. Choice of 5 formats for the cephalometry module, including frontal, lateral & carpus.

-Ethernet or stand-alone. The I-Max Touch can be controlled from any PC or via a network. Images can be stored to a USB stick from the control console.

-A mobile sensor. Flexible and affordable cephalometry.


  • HF generator: Constant potential
  • Image receptor: 0,5 EN60336
  • Total min. filtration: 2,5 mm AI equivalent
  • Anode voltage: 60-86 kV
  • Anode current: 6-10 mA PAN, 6-12 mA CEPH
  • Exposure time: PAN 13,8s / CEPH 4,5s
  • Column: Powered telescopic
  • SID (Source to Image Distance): 500 mm PAN / 1650 mm CEPH
  • Digital sensor: SSD HD + Optical fibre
  • CCD resolution: 10,4 lp/mm
  • Connection: Direct PC acquisition (network cable) and / or integrated touch screen
  • Archiving: PC and / or USB stick
  • Power supply: 100-120 V, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Amperage: 8 A

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MPN #9306321191
Weight:99.99 lbs.


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