Optima MCX SET Green

Optima MCX SET (Bien Air)


From its practical design to its seamless setup and operation, every aspect of the Optima was thought-out with simplicity in mind. Composed of a tabletop control unit and Bien-Air’s best-selling MCX brushless micromotor, this ingenious system gives dental professionals the option to upgrade their units with the latest electric technology at the most affordable price. The Optima is Bien-Air’s colorful solution to make things work for you.

Procedures up to four times faster

Increase your performance by being able to treat a greater number of patients. The functionalities of the iOptima application and the performance of Bien-Air electric instruments combine to significantly reduce the time taken for your procedures.

Simple, efficient and risk-free

Pre-programmed restorative and endodontic procedures. Simply select your files from the list of the main manufacturers to access the predefined speed and torque parameters.

New free functionalities regularly added

The performance and possibilities offered by your iOptima are improved each time you update the application. Free of charge.

Install the system in no time at all

Simply connect your 4-hole tubing to the iOptima console and transform your unit into a formidable system in a flash. Download the iOptima application and you are ready to go.


  • Motor Compatibility: MCX LED (up to 2 motors)
  • User Interface: LCD display with preprogrammed procedures
  • Restorative

MPN #1700591-001
Weight:10.00 lbs.


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