Oil-less Air Compressor JOC11

Oil-less Air Compressor (JDS)

The JOC Series ensures oil-free air to your operatories, and makes sure that no other contaminants reach any patient.

Equipped with a desiccant tower air dryer and a 0.01 micron filter, all moisture and contaminants are caught from the air supply before the air leaves the compressor's tank.

There are many aspects to choosing the perfect, clean air source for your office. The JOC Series Oil-less Compressors delivers 100% oil-free and moisture-free operation. Through an intricate system equipped with a desiccant air dryer and a 0.01 micron coalescing filter, the JOC Series provides the best quality air for your dental office needs.

 Key features

  • The 0.01 micron filter catches the smallest contaminants, leaving only the cleanest air possible. Virtually all contaminants are eliminated, including dust, smoke, oil, and bacteria.
  • Our exhaust silencer keeps the noise level to a minimum while filtering the purged air to keep your office clean.

  • The desiccant dryer system ensures the most dry air possible.

Weight:99.99 lbs.


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