Maxi-Brush Easy-Shake 150 Series Disposable Elongated Applicators, Pastel Blue, Small, Pk/150

Maxi-Brushâ„¢ Disposable Elongated Applicators (Denbur)

Maxi-Brush is a disposable applicator that facilitates access to narrow extended and confined spaces for a variety of applications. With its elongated and prolonged stiffer and non-lint fibers, Maxi-Brush in 3 sizes allows easy access to short, long, small, medium, and large confined spaces.

Maxi-Brush can reach and access canal spaces for post preparation, applying a bonding agent evenly and thoroughly in a post-space. Maxi-Brush applies the bonding agent to axial walls and pulpal floor of inlay or onlay preparations in continuous motion and even amounts. For porcelain veneer preparations use Maxi-Brush to apply a bonding agent using a wand-like motion. With Maxi-Brush apply bonding agent to a traditional class I preparation, or in class II preparation use Maxi-Brush by treating the entire cavity walls in a single application.

  • Size Small, tip @ 0.90 mm >, color Pastel Blue. The exclusive double bending feature is ideal for application from the lingual.
  • Size Medium, tip @1.50 mm >, color Teal. The applicator in short bending position.
  • Size Large, tip @ 1.60 mm >, color Process Blue. The applicator in long bending position.

Technique and Application

  • All 3 sizes of Maxi-Brush can be used for various applications depending on the size of the preparation and the nature of the treatment.
  • Apply bonding agent in a post-space preparation with size small, medium or large, depending on the size of the post preparation.
  • Apply uniform coats of bonding agent to an inlay cementation.
  • Apply bonding agent evenly, with size small, medium or large, depending on the size of the preparation, along the entire area of an onlay cementation.
  • Apply bonding agent to a traditional Class I preparation.
  • Treat the entire cavity wall of a Class II restoration in single application.
  • Apply bonding agent, with size medium or large, using a wand-like motion to a porcelain veneer preparation.

MPN #935 152
Weight:2.00 lbs.


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