MARK3 Temporary Cement NE Automix 2/pk

MARK3 Temporary Cement NE Automix (MARK3)


Temporary Cement NE Automix from MARK3 is a non-eugenol temporary crown and bridge cement suitable for cementing temporary crowns or bridges as well as for trial cementing of permanent restorations. 

  • Excellent adhesion but easily removable
  • Easy to use Automix syringes
  • Non-Eugenol formulation does not influence setting of resin-based fillings and luting materials
  • Good for those allergic to Eugenol
  • Based on ZnO/organic acids (Zinc oxide cement)
  • Contains - 2x5ml (8.6gm) Syringes plus 20 mix tips 
  • Made in Germany

MPN #4125
Weight:0.50 lbs.


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