LITEX 686 LED Curing & Bleaching System

LITEX 686 LED Curing and Whitening System (Dentamerica)


  • State-of-the-art LED based composite curing light and tooth whitening system. Streamlined design directly mounts tdental unit, saving space.
  • User friendly control panel for easy to use curing and whitening functions.
  • Fully customizable single visit bleaching procedure with Everbrite Tooth Whitening Kit and LED Whitening Arch.
  • The latest Soft-Start Ramping function can effectively prevent shrinkage of composite materials.
  • LED light intensity up to 1,800mW/cm2; only 5 seconds to cure a depth of 4mm.
  • Cost effective; no bulbs to replace with a long LED life of 50,000 hours.
  • LED Whitening Arch designed to whiten the whole anterior area of the patient’s mouth.
  • LED Probe and LED Whitening Arch are magnetically held and easily rotated 360°.
  • One-touch magnetic handpiece trigger ring.
  • Optional bleaching stand with 3-section bleaching arm and rotatable trays available for versatility.

Specifications: 110V /200V 50/60Hz AC 
Dimensions: L116 x W11 6 x H187 mm 
Weight: 2 kg

MPN #686
Weight:7.00 lbs.


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