Light Liner Standard Kit* Hard (8 - 6g Pwd, 8 - 4g Liq, 1 - 30cc Bottle of Air Barrier)

Light Liner (Bosworth)

Light Liner® is a unique, chairside reline material that light cures in minutes. Available in a soft or hard non-methacrylate formula, this microfilled composite flows easily and offers the convenience of a one visit procedure without multiple pour-ups or impressions. Accurate relines and quality repairs are achieved in minutes.

Light Liner® is a dual-cure, self-bonding material that will not shrink, stain, and is color stable. Light Liner® is virtually as strong as the denture, chemically bonding to it to prevent flaking or peeling.

Standard Kit contains:

  • 8 6g Composite Powder
  • 8 4g Composite Liquid
  • 1 30cc Bottle of Air Barrier

*Powder packaged in 8 single dose packs for convenience.

Light Liner® is designed to function under a 100W light box for approximately 5 minutes. Any light box above 100W, adjust time to avoid denture warping.

MPN #0921463
Weight:2.00 lbs.
   This product is hazardous


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