Isolyser/SMSm (Mail) Sharps Managment System 3L

Isolyser®/SMS® Sharps Managment System (WCM)

Eliminate inconvenient and costly sharps collection services. Follow directions, fill Isolyser /SMS container with sharps, activate and dispose of in your regular trash*. Sharps are encapsulated and rendered unusable.
A few jurisdictions, including (CT, DE, ME, MD, NJ, NY, OR, VT, VA) require a permit for in-office treatment of sharps.
For your convenience, we recommend using Isolyser®/SMS®m in jurisdictions that require a permit.

  • Isolyser®/SMS®m may also be used to dispose of medical waste including saturated/dripping gauze & bandages.
  • Isolyser®/SMS®®m includes everything you need & is priced the same as Isolyser®/SMS®.

MPN #SMS2400m
Weight:6.25 lbs.