iOptima INT Standard Kit, Includes MX2 Motor

iOptima INT Standard Kit (Bien Air)


Whether you are planning to upgrade your dental practice with latest technology or you are just about to start your professional career: iOptimaINT is the All-in-One solution offering you the full range of treatment options seamlessly integrated into your dental chair. No need for additional equipment anymore: iOptimaINT lets you perform your restorative procedures, endo treatments (incl. reciprocating mode) and surgical procedures incl. implant placement. A Piezo scaling function is included as well.

Installed directly into the existing dental unit, the system is easily controlled through an Apple® tablet. The iOptimaINT therefore requires minimal space and guarantees a perfectly functional working environment.

Discover the iOptimaINT, the All-in-One solution for general dentists.


Make your life easier with Bien-Air Dental's All-in-One system. Highly versatile, the iOptimaINT enables you to perform most of your dental procedures.

Fully integrated into your dental unit, the iOptimaINT system guarantees optimal space savings and ensures that your working environment is fully operational.

The iOptimaINT is an All-in-One solution, saving space and money.

The application iOptimaINT

Built directly into the dental unit, the iOptimaINT system can be controlled either using an iPod touch or an iPad mini. The refined simplicity and user-friendliness of these tablets will enable you to focus on what matters the most: your patient. In addition, the numerous pre-set and customizable protocols of the iOptimaINT App will make your procedures considerably easier. 


  • Restorative
  • Endo "continuous" (auto-reverse & auto-forward)
  • Endo "Reciprocating": ? WaveOne Gold & Reciproc
  • Scaling (Piezo)
  • Motor Compatibility: 1 motors + piezop scaler
    MX2 LED : Resto + Endo + Endo reciproc
  • Motor Lightning: LED
  • Scaler Compatibility: EMS, Mectron and Satelec piezo scaler (built in kits)
  • User Interface: iPod touch (6th Generation) + iPad mini (4th Generation)
  • Preprogrammed Sequences
  • Application: iOptima on App Store
  • Package Includes: Power supply and all mounting hardware

MPN #1700704-001
Weight:10.00 lbs.