Flexi-Wire Spool

Easy Pneumatic Crown and Bridge Remover (Dent Corp)

A class of its own, the Easy Pneumatic crown and bridge remover is air activated and breaks cement seals using short, repeated and low impact force. Is a hand-held instrument that attaches to high or low pressure air line connections.

Can be used for the removal of:

  • Permanent and temporary crowns and bridges regardless of cement type
  • Maryland bridges
  • Laboratory posts and cores
  • Orthodontic brackets and bands
  • Removable appliances stuck at attachment
  • Multi-unit restoration stuck on working lab model


  • Less chance of tooth fracture than traditional crown and bridge removers
  • Restorations removed intact and reusable, no porcelain damage
  • Significantly reduced chair time
  • Easy of use fingertip control
  • Maintenance-free
  • Uses a controlled and predictable force
  • Requires no presettings
  • No need for an assistant
  • OSHA compliance: completely autoclavable


  • Crown & Bridge remover
  • Bridge remover tip
  • Single crown remover tip
  • Single crown remover contra-angled tip
  • open-end adjustment
  • Wrench
  • Rubber gasket
  • Storage / carrying case
  • Instructional clinical videotape / CD ROM
  • Flexi-wire kit (hook tip, bar, wire spool, 4 sleeves)

MPN #0180
Weight:0.75 lbs.


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