Exel Bond LC Applicator Handle

Exel Bond LC Light Cure Self-Etchind Bonding System (J. Morita)

Max Bond LC™ offers both simplified application and superior bond strength. This easy to use, self-etching, light cure dental adhesive was designed for bonding composites and compomers to enamel and dentin. As an alternative to complicated, technique sensitive bonding agents, this system contains two components that are mixed together and applied in a single step. Etching, priming, and bonding are accomplished in one application. Any type of dental curing light - LED, halogen, or plasma can be used to cure Max Bond LC and it can be used with any light cured, composite restorative material. Since etching is not required, post operative sensitivity is also reduced.


  • Single step application for etching, priming, & bonding. 
  • Provides strong bonding strength to enamel & dentin. 
  • Light cures in 10 seconds. 
  • Results in long-lasting restorations. 
  • Effective marginal seal protects against microleakage.


Bonding of light cured composite restorative materials & compomers to enamel & dentin.

Exel Bond LC Kit Includes: Agent A (5ml), Agent B (5ml), Disposable Mixing Wells (10), Disposable Brush Tips (50), Brush Handle (1)

MPN #26-11022
Weight:0.25 lbs.


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