Excel Formula Pourable Hi-Impact Liquid Only 500ml

Excel Formula® Hi-Impact Pourable Denture Base (St. George Tech, Inc)

  • World’s first hi-impact cold cure acrylic
  • High strength and high impact resistance from a cold cure formulation
  • 4 x times stronger, 60% tougher & better handling than Lucitone Fas-Por, Fricke and Millennium

Hi-Impact Pourable is one of the strongest and toughest denture base pour acrylics available, and combines this with having the best handling characteristics that can be achieved.

It shares the chemistry and super-fine particle size of the existing Excel Formula® acrylic materials, so will deliver the same unique combination of perfect color matching across the range, translucency and unrivalled color stability both on curing and in use over time.

Excel Formula® Hi-Impact Pourable is the first pour acrylic to meet both ISO impact resistance standards and the only high-impact acrylic to achieve this without silicon.

MPN #24330
Weight:2.00 lbs.
   This product is hazardous


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