Cybrid XD Light Guide 11-11mm 90degree

Old Cybrid XD Plasma Emulation LED Curing Light (Dentazon)

Cybrid XD is an exceptionally powerful LED curing light that featureslight intensity of over 2,700 2W/cm2 and capable to instantly polymerize light-cured dental materials is as little as 1.5 seconds. This product is particularly designed for the dental professionals that are in need for super fast light curing and orthodontic bonding speed to reduce chair time.


  • 2 powerful curing modes - High Power (Green Indicator Light) and Plasma Emulation (Orange Indicator Light) - deliver optimum results in all light curing applications including indirect ceramic restorations and orthodontic bracket bonding.
  • Most light-cured materials can be thoroughly cured within less than 3 seconds (2mm)
  • Constructed with robust industrial grade aluminum  for lightweight, superior durability and heat dissipation
  • Only hand-picked premium dental light emitting diodes are used to ensure consistent power output
  • Built-in advanced protection module prevents the device from overheating and guarantees safe and flawless performance at all times


  • Wavelength Range: 430 ~ 490nm
  • Irradiance Intensity: High Power Mode=1,500 mW/cm2; Plasma Emulation Mode=2,700 mW/cm2
  • Dimensions: Handpiece=150 x 30 x 22.6mm; Charger Base=120 x 120 x 85mm; Power Adapter=47 x 87 x 32mm; AC Power Cord=1.3m

MPN #CXD-1500
Weight:1.00 lbs.


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