Aura eASY Syringe Refill Ae2, 4g

Aura eASY Syringe (SDI)

eASY handling for effortless placement - optimized, non-sticky consistency makes it simple to sculpt and pack.

eASY elegant restorations - its unique blend of filler and resin work in harmony to deliver the strength and aesthetics needed to provide long-lasting restorations.

eASY to stand the test of time - with a 3mm depth of cure, high compressive and flexural strengths and the benefits of the proprietary low-shrinkage resin to offset marginal stress, you get restorations that are tough and robust

eASY shade matching for most of your posterior and anterior restorations - eliminate the guesswork from finding the right shade for your restorations by having to choose from just 4 universal shades. With shades that are equidistantly placed on the colour saturation spectrum and easily equate to a Vita shade, Aura eASY makes it simpler for you to customize shades for the majority of your daily needs. Aura eASY simplifies your procedures, minimises your inventory and makes it super easy for your practice.

  • Increased wear resistance and strength
  • Smooth high gloss finish every time
  • Non-sticky consistency makes it simple to sculpt
  • No slumping and holds its shape
  • Quick and easy placement in seconds

Aura eASY Syringe Kit

  • 4g syringe (ae1, ae2, ae3, ae4)
  • aura eASY shade guide


MPN #8560021
Weight:0.25 lbs.


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