Amalgam Bucket 3.5 gallon

Amalgam Waste Recovery (Solmetex)

Amalgam waste is found within the dental practice. The most common is the “chairside trap”. Other waste amalgam items include: leftover or spent amalgam, removed teeth with amalgam fillings, empty amalgam capsules, and vacuum trap containers located by the vacuum pump. All of these contain amalgam residue. Even if a dental practice claims to be amalgam free, composite only, they can still generate waste amalgam from removed teeth and from chairside and vacuum pump traps. Solmetex provides a UN/DOT approved storage and shipping container with prepaid return shipping and certificate of recycling for the generator.

Part Number and Description

  • AB-1 1.25 gallon Amalgam bucket
  • AB-2 2 gallon Amalgam bucket
  • AB-3.5 3.5 gallon Amalgam bucket

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Weight:7.00 lbs.


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