Aluminum Oxide Powder 90 microns 2 lbs

Powders (Johnson-Promident)

JetStream Powder - Fresh-Tasting Sodium Bicarbonate Powder with a Hint of Mint

  • Convenient 2.2 pound boxes have 4 foil safety-sealed, snaplid plastic jars.
  • No more pouring from a big clumsy jar!
  • Cost effective, stay-dry snap lids protect powder.
  • Suitable for use in Deldent’s JetPolisher and JetSonic 2000M and in all standard prophy units.

Aluminum OxideAvailable in 50 and 90 micron

  • 50 micron for general etching and blasting.
  • 90 micron for heavier work.
  • Economical 2 pound bottles.
  • For use with the Deldent miniblaster and all clinical sandblasters.

MPN #505090
Weight:3.00 lbs.


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