Alloybond Catalyst Refill 5mL

Alloybond (SDI)

Alloybond is a high strength, fluoride releasing, amalgam bond

Alloybond’s unique dimethacrylate resin groups provide twice the cross linking and superior strength.

Alloybond does not contain BisGMA nor Bis-Phenol A.

Alloybond kit Contains:

  • 5mL Alloybond Primer
  • 5mL Alloybond Base
  • 5mL Alloybond Catalyst
  • 2mL syringe of Super Etch
  • 25 Super Etch disposable tips
  • Brushes, handles, mixing pads

Compare to Dentsply Amalgam Bonding

MPN #5544012
Weight:0.25 lbs.


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