20:1 Reduction MontBlanc w/ Adj Stop

20:1 Reduction MontBlanc (Aseptico)

The 20:1 Mont Blanc Dental Implant Handpiece is one of the best implant handpieces. The Mont Blanc works with all internal or external irrigation implant systems, but paired with the 7000 Series Implant Motor it allows you to perform the complete implant procedure seamlessly--from osteotomy to placing.
  • Rated at 80 Ncm for implants, it is one of the strongest implant handpieces on the market
  • Precision ball-bearings reduce friction and increase torque output efficiency
  • High-quality, lightweight titanium and stainless steel construction guarantees that the Mont Blanc will last for years
  • Optional adjustable depth gauge prevents nerve damage by stopping the bur at the set depth
  • Optional fiber optic capability allows the implant handpiece to work with the 7000 Series Implant & Surgery Motor w/ LED upgrade, providing the necessary illumination in any procedure

Weight:2.00 lbs.


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