VistaPure Polishing Filter

VistaPure V3000S w/Slide Rails (SciCan)


VistaPure is a water filtration system designed to produce two grades of highpurity water: distilled-quality water for use in autoclaves, and non-corrosive, low-TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water for filling dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners and for final rinse cycles in instrument washers. The system is designed to be built into sterilization center cabinetry, and can also be installed in an equipment room. The system provides treated water from its pressurized storage tank and automatically replenishes this supply as water is drawn from storage. The system does not require electricity—it needs only a pressurized supply of potable cold water and a drain.



Universal System

VistaPure will work with the STATIM® Cassette Autoclaves, BRAVO™ Chamber Autoclaves, HYDRIM® Instrument Washers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Dental Bottles, other select sterilzers and automated washers.

High Quality Water

Water is autoclave-ready, distilled quality (deionized) water which eliminates the need to buy distilled water or own a distiller.

Easy to Use

VistaPure’s handheld, point-and-shoot wand makes it easy for anyone to fill autoclaves, no matter where they’re located, and the system’s mounted faucet makes it easy to fill Dental Unit bottles over a sink. We will also offer unique “automatic water filling control” options for our STATIM and BRAVO sterilizers along with our HYDRIM final rinse options.

Smart Design

VistaPure’s filter panel fits neatly under
the steri-center counter with slides for easy access to the filters.


VistaPure provides a high volume of
ready-to-use water, on demand. Its large 4.25-gallon storage tank means you don’t need to wait for deionization and R/O processes to take place.


Each VistaPure features an in-line TDS meter that monitors water quality—and also makes it easy to know when it’s time to replace your filters.

MPN #R2551
Weight:5.00 lbs.


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