Versacryl Self-Cure Softener Monomer Liquid 60ml

Versacryl Laboratory Kit Self-Cure (Keystone)

This unique product has been developed to create thermo-adjustable relines. Imagine having the luxury to simply heat a denture and re-adjust the fit in seconds and if it’s not satisfactory the procedure can be repeated anytime by the dentist, the technician or even the patient themselves.

The Versacryl Reline is not a regular “soft reline” material. It is a heat sensitive liner that softens in warm water between 120F – 205F. At body temperature the Versacryl has an extremely comfortable cushiony effect that yields to pressure and actually creates better suction than conventional soft liners.

Versacryl is a cross-linked acrylic denture material guaranteed to create a chemical bond with all other denture acrylics. Versacryl is available in Heat Cure or Self Cure and no special equipment is needed to process.

MPN #1014010
Weight:1.00 lbs.


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