Sota Clio Size #2 Digital X-ray System

Clio #2 Digital X-Ray System

The Clio Digital X-ray System allows for a seamless transition into the world of digital imagery. With a simple to use user interface and the latest in imaging technology, the Clio brings the future of digital dentistry to your fingertips.

Touch Screen Ready
To benefit cutting edgeclinical environments, the Cliosoft was specifically designed with large colored buttons for touch screen tablets. You can now navigate through software in blazing speed without missing a step.

Crystal Clear Image
Clio sensors have 20 lines per mm and coupled with Cliosoft's automatic image processing technology, you get the best image quality shot after shot. Features such as SOTA POP (Proprietary Optimization Procedure) allows for the highest diagnostic x-ray images from a touch of a button.

MPN #A40023
Weight:10.00 lbs.