Softone Powder Only White 3oz. (85g)

Softone (Bosworth)

Softone™ - Resilient Denture Acrylic Treatment , Functional Impression Material Softone™ is a tissue conditioner and functional impression material that restores, conditions, massages, and rehabilitates damaged tissue before a new denture rebase or final reline. Softone™’s unique flow and natural give stimulate the natural healing process and restore tissue to a sound physiological state. Softone™ has a clean, refreshing taste that will not absorb odors for greater patient comfort and compliance. Softone™ allows the denture to stay in the mouth throughout the treatment process. An alginate impression is taken before each treatment until the current impression matches the previous impression and tissue is no longer changing. If the patient is swollen or sore the dentition will change as the swelling goes down. For patients requiring a temporary soft reline or prolonged adjustment period before the permanent hard reline, use Bosworth TruSoft™ . Available in Pink or White Powder.

Standard Kit contains: 1 - 3 oz. (85g) Powder 1 - 4 oz. (119ml) Liquid*

Bulk Kit contains: 1 - 1 lb. (454g) Powder 1 - 8 oz. (236ml) Liquid*

Compatible to Lynal (Dentsply)

*Hazardus Material UPS Charge

MPN #0921776
Weight:0.25 lbs.


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