RADII Plus Single Tooth Bleaching LED Attachement

RADII Plus Attachments (SDI)

Choice of attachments Extra attachment tips can be added to your light orthodontic tip and a single tooth bleaching tip. These attachments are sold separately.

Single Tooth Bleaching tip for single tooth in-office bleaching. Beeping each 30 seconds, the Radii Plus Single Tooth Bleaching tip heats to 45 C or 113 F.

Orthodontic tip for fast and efficient bonding of brackets. Beeping once every 10 seconds, the Radii Plus ortho tip continuously runs for 5 minutes. It will run for multiple 5 minute segments.

Diagnostic Tip.

Contra Angle Standard Tip.

*availability to be advised*

MPN #5600258
Weight:1.00 lbs.