Piezo Pilot - Universal/Acteon style

Piezo Pilot - Endo Unit (Vista)

Piezo Pilot™ scalers offer easy portability, complementing a light-weight, compact design. Now with lighted LED handpiece for greater accessibility. 

The Pilot™ also has power settings which can be used for post removal and certain bone surgery applications including, extractions, ridge splits and sinus lifts.

Innovative. High-end performance.

  • Push button controls
  • Variable irrigation flow settings
  • Broad range of power for any endodontic procedure

Versatile design

  • Left or right mounting magnetic handpiece holder
  • Detachable handpiece (available in Acteon®* or EMS®*)

Compact. Comfortable.

  • Easy to remove autoclavable silicone sleeves
  • Small, lightweight and portable

Pilot™ Includes:

  • 1 - Detachable handpiece 
  • 1 - Omni-directional foot pedal 
  • 1 - Quick-disconnect water line 
  • 3 - Autoclavable handpiece sleeves 
  • 8 - Endo Tips 
  • 8 - Tip Wrenches

MPN #402706
Weight:8.00 lbs.