Hydrox 6 Pack Kit Ivory

Hydrox (Bosworth)

Hydrox radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste is a rigid, self-setting cavity lining and pulp capping agent. Hydrox eliminates all chemical and thermal sensitivity by sealing dentinal tubules and protecting the pulp. Hydrox serves as a protective barrier that insulates the dentin & pulp from acid-containing cements and restorative materials. Hydrox works well under glass ionomers & will not affect the polymerization of amalgam or composite.

Standard Kit contains: One - 15g base-choice of either dentin or ivory shade One - 13g catalyst, One mixing pad

6 Pack Kit contains: Six - 15g base-choice of either dentin or ivory shade Six - 13g catalyst, Four mixing pads

Compatible to Dycal (Dentsply)

MPN #0921074
Weight:0.20 lbs.


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