DCI Series 5 Dental Chair w/ 200 Watt Transformer

DCI Series 5 Dental Chair (DCI International)


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The desire to care for patients is likely a big reason you went into dentistry. You spend most of your working day - and time with patients - in the operatory environment.

Help your patients feel invited and proud to tell their friends about your practice.

Modern, comfortable, and efficient design - for you and your patients. The Series 5 dental chair was designed to provide you and your team with comfortable, ergonomic access to the oral cavity. Your patients can relax comfortably, enhancing their experience at your practice.

Low Chair Height
An ergonomic chair that combines a thin, narrow back with a low chair height. This allows you to be in the proper working position regardless of patient size.

Foldout Armrests
Armrest rotation facilitates easy entry and exit of patients

Heavy-duty Construction
High quality steel and aluminum castings stand the test of time

Headrest Scoop
Headrest and back design support patients of all statures

5 Year Warranty
All DCI products sold to and installed by authorized DCI dealers are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for five years from date of purchase.


  • Ergonomic Design/Thin Back
  • All Hydraulic Movements
  • Dual Articulating Headrest
  • Chair Swivel
  • Foot Control (Optional Touchpads Available)
  • 2 Pre-Programmable Positions
  • 1 Auto-Return
  • Available in Narrow Back Plush, Wide Back Plush, Narrow Back Asepsis and Narrow Back with Slings
  • Ultra-Leather Upgrade Available

MPN #C5052
Weight:0.00 lbs.