Clio #2 Digital X-Ray Sensor ONLY

Clio #2 Digital X-Ray Sensor (SOTA Imaging)

The Clio Digital X-ray Sensors are designed and manufactured in the world’s leading facility of CCD and CMOS technology for guaranteed highest-grade imaging. These dental sensors have all the features and benefits that ensure a highly reliable product and deliver the best images in the industry.


  • Direct USB cable with no docking station
  • Repairable USB cable for longevity of sensors
  • Fiber optic plate sensors for low-noise ratio
  • Largest active area for maximum coverage
  • Fully waterproof sensor head with sealed cable and housing design
  • USB connector: USB 2.0, USB 3.0
  • Sensor Technology - Next Generation CMOS Fiber optic Sensors
  • Maximum Gray Levels - 4096 (12-bit)


Clio Digital X-ray Sensors
Size 2 Sensor
External Dimensions   30.49 x 42.80 mm
Active Area   25.99mm x 36.02 mm
Sensor Plate Thickness   5.41 mm
Sensor Cable Length   3 meters
Image Resolution   26.3 lp/mm theoretical 20 lp/mm actual
Image Size   1896x1368
Image Pixel Size   19x19 microns

MPN #A30047
Weight:10.00 lbs.


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