Sapphire Standard Box (Blue Powder)

Sapphire (Bosworth)

Sapphire™ - Acrylic Peripheral Impression Material Use Sapphire™ on custom or plastic impression trays for full denture impressions and border molding (muscle trim). Sapphire™ extends to the proper height without slumping. This soft material records peripheral detail without distortion and sets to become a rigid part of the tray. Sapphire™’s no-burn, no-sting formula ensures patient acceptance. Available in blue or clear powder.

Standard Box contains: 1 - 8oz. (226g) Powder 1 - 6oz. (177ml) Liquid* Same material as Myotronics® MyoPrint™. *Hazardus Material UPS Charge

MPN #0921740
Weight:1.00 lbs.


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